Sunday, 19 March 2017

Justin Bieber is in NZ

This morning in Room 6 we were talking about Justin Bieber being in the country. We decided as a class that we would love to write him letters as we think he is a very talented performer. Here are our letters we hope Justin gets to see this!

Letters to Justin Bieber:

To Justin,
I am writing to tell how I think your music is very cool. I love your music.I think you are amazing. I am 9 years  old. I am a student at Sunnyhills school in Auckland and my name is Elise.
I have some questions to ask you what is your favorite song you have written? I like that your new album is called Purpose. What have you liked about New Zealand so far? My favourite place in New Zealand is Tutukaka it is the North Island. What is your favorite color? Mine is turquoise because it is my birth stone colour. What is your favorite animal? My favourite animal is cats because they are cute and fluffy.
We hope to hear back from you!

Dear Justin,
We are writing to you because we love your music and we heard you are in New Zealand. Our names are Jamie, Wilmer and Riley and we are students at Sunnyhills school there is about 500 people in this school. Our teacher, Miss Coffer loves your performance too!
Here are some questions we are for you:
When do you release your next album? Will you ever come to Sunnyhills school? Will you come back to NZ? Where will you tour next?
In New Zealand there are LOTS of attractions. Here are some you may like:
Hot water beach (named after the hot water that you find under the sand).
Auckland Zoo, (A zoo where LOADS of endangered animals live) and
Piha (A good place to surf but Watch out for BIG waves). You could search all of them in Google Maps.
This year we are looking forward to new songs, new Albums that you may release. You may have to compete with Lorde’s Albums. Lorde is Our Kiwi Singer.
Hope you enjoy our letter.
Your’s Sincerely, Wilmer, Jamie and Riley.

To Justin Bieber,
We are  writing to you to tell you we enjoy your music, your singing and your dance moves. Our names are Sophie and Maia we go to Sunnyhills primary in Pakuranga, Auckland .We love your new album Purpose and we're hoping you could come to our school to meet us.
We would like to know what got you into singing because we love singing in our school choir, in the car , working in class and just at home. What your favourite songs that you wrote and what inspired them? We love your voice and your songs. Our favourites are Cold Water,Sorry and Love Yourself.
What do you like about New Zealand? Here are some good places in New Zealand
These are some of our favourites the sky tower , (Rotorua) , the luge, Waitomo glowworm caves and Maraes.  There are heaps more tourist attractions in New Zealand these are just are just a few of our favourites.
We would  also like to know how you choose the children that get to dance with you and how they learn the dance. How do you know how good they are at dancing? It’s inspired us to push the boundaries and achieve our dreams.
What's your favourite colour? Our favourite colours are  purple and  blue also what is your favourite food? Ours is macaroni and cheese also galo plus chop suey.
So that is all from us. Hopefully you have enjoyed New Zealand so far and we hope you come back soon and come to our school. We also hope you go to these places and we will get to go to a future concert so enjoy the rest of New Zealand.
Yours sincerely,
Maia and Sophie

To Justin,
We are writing to you because we heard that you came to New Zealand and we  wanted to ask you some questions. Our names are Yoonju and Kaitlin and if you are staying in New Zealand for awhile we recommend going to Cape Reinga,The Hobbit movie scene and the Great Barrier island. Where would be your favorite place to perform?
Did you like performing in New Zealand? Have you been here before? What is your favorite song that you wrote? We would have to decide that ‘sorry’ is our favorite song that you sang.
What types of pets do you have and have you had during your lifetime?
Pets that  we have had would be rabbits, fish, dog, hamster, birds,  frogs tadpoles, sea snails, and snails.
In conclusion we would like to say that It would be great to hear back from you soon.
Your sincerely
Yoonju & Kaitlin

To Justin,
I am writing to you about your great singing and dancing. My name is Xavier and i am 9 years old. We like your songs in Room 6 and  we would like you to come to Sunnyhills. I have some questions I would like to ask you:
  1. Where do you come from?   
  2. What's your favorite songs?
  3. When did you come up with the songs?
  4. Do you have any pets?
  5. How did you get inspired to become a singer?    
I hope to hear back from you!
From Xavier M

Dear Justin Bieber,
We are writing to tell you about how we love your music and hear that you are in New Zealand.
Our names are Aya and Doreen and we come from Sunnyhills. We are two of your biggest fans in the universe. Aya is ten and Doreen is nine. We are best friends and we love your album.
We both love the songs that you write and sing, like Sorry, Children, Baby and What Do You Mean.
Do you like New Zealand? We both like NZ.  
Who inspired you into singing and writing songs?
What is your favourite colour? Doreen’s favourite colour is yellow and turquoise. Aya’s favourite colour is purple and blue.
What country do you like the most? We both like New Zealand.
Do you have a favourite animal? If you do what type? Doreen likes Kittens, puppies, tigers, horses and much more. Aya’s favourite animal is a pig.
As a kid what school did you go to and where was it? We go to Sunnyhills which is in the East Auckland, New Zealand.
We hope to hear back from you.
From: Aya and Doreen

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