Monday, 27 March 2017

Emotion Poems

We have been writing poems about emotions. We did our brainstorm on Monday and today we wrote them. We used great descriptive words and similes. Miss Coffer was blown away with the great writing.

Anger tastes like lava
It tastes like hot chilli sauce
It smells like burnt steak on a barbecue
It looks like a traffic jam on a highway
It sounds like a volcano going to erupt
It feels like you are in a scandal
By Wilmer 

Depression is grey like rain clouds
It tastes like expired milk
It smells like a rotten fish
It looks like a waterfall of tears
It sounds like a silent village
It feels like soggy carpet all over the floor By Logan
Sad is blue like beached whales
It tastes like a soup of tears
It smells like damp soggy bread
It looks like dead flowers
It sounds like the wheezing wind
It feels like it will last for ever
By Matthew

Relaxed is white like white fluffy clouds
It tastes like fresh cold water
It smells like a field of roses
It looks like a huge room full of soft pillows
It sound like an orchestra lightly playing in harmony It feels like flying through the sky above the great view By Yoonju

Love is red like a heart
It tastes like like chocolate that you get on valentine's day
It smells like sweet ice cream on a sunny day
It looks like two chocolate hearts kissing
It sounds like smooching
It feels like you're the heart By Xavier A

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